Saturday, October 2, 2010


It's being bandied about that this generation is to be known as The Internet Generation. Some of us are hold-overs from several generations back but we are still here and trying our best to "be with-it." This blog, then, is for those that qualify!
Patanjali, in his Yoga Sutra, tells us as one of the Niyamas that we should practice Svadyaya, or self study. Until recently I had assumed this just meant study of the BIG SELF but now I'm seeing where it's also useful to study small self and it is with that in mind when talking about this topic of Pancakosha.
Here it is: use your internet skills and some or all of the search engines available and begin your own Svadyaya education. Some hints: there are many ways to spell transliterated Sanskrit words and, as you will find, not all spellings lead to the same results, so if you really want to know the entire story it is recommended to try more than one spelling For instance  Pancakosha may also be spelled Panchakosha or five sheaths or five bodies. Each leads to a unique set of explanations of meaning. Yes, I know there are many similarities but we are talking about fathoming the nature of spirituality and every nuance can have a significant meaning.
You will learn that purification of these five bodies leads to purification of our being and with that our divine light is able to shine more brightly. Undoubtedly in the process you will learn that Yoga provides purification  practices for each of these bodies. With that we become physically and mentally healthy leading to a reduction in suffering and an increase in happiness and health.
In the Light of Yoga

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