Sunday, September 19, 2010

SEVA Par Excellence

Sincere and heart-felt congratulations to Terry and Ajay Gupta for the marvelous day-long celebration of
Yoga for Peace in Action at their 3rd Annual NH Global Mala ( held in Nashua on September 18th! They put together an inspiring and spiritually uplifting day-long program blending Eastern and Western Yoga traditions to achieve a rarely seen true Yoga event. Half of the net proceeds of the day will be used to support their Yoga Volunteer Corps who bring Yoga classes to those souls dealing with cancer and the under served in society who can benefit from Yoga practice. The other half will be used to support the Peace and Social Justice program at New Hampshire Community College in Nashua. "The Peace & Social Justice Studies concentration within the Liberal Arts degree program prepares graduates to function as community advocates to help ensure a society in which equity and peace building is embraced and preserved." Two wonderful programs serving humanity and helping to raise the consciousness of students who will shortly be entering society as contributing citizens.
The meaning of the word SEVA  is selfless service: doing something for someone or society without an expectation of reward. True giving from the heart. Ajay and Terry are wonderful torch-bearers of this ideal, not only in putting together this function but in their continued devotion to the concept of selfless service in all their Yoga programs. It is a given they have devoted their energy and lives to this cause.
Watch for future events like this from Yoga Caps and come and join in to know what it's like to feel "your heart soar like an eagle!"


  1. Dear Yogiraj and Friend in Yoga, we hope only to follow in the seva path that you have paved. It was a blessing to all of us to have you as presiding yogi. We thank you for your dedication to the path of yoga!

  2. Coincidentally, this arrived on the same day as the YogaCaps comment.
    What is the reward for selfless service?
    Engage yourselves in selfless service. The reward for it will come of its own accord. Do not have any doubts on this score. Whatever you undertake, do it with all your heart and to your full satisfaction. That satisfaction is all the reward and recompense that you will need. It will confer great strength on you.This is the virtue that you have to cultivate. Acquire this true wealth. Without
    goodness, all other riches are of no avail.

    From Sai Baba