Sunday, November 1, 2015

Rk Veda:
Or, Rig Veda.
Has anyone found a link between the Rk Veda and the material presented in the Assyrian Cuneiform tablets? 
There was a single reference in this past year to archeological evidence of the Rk Veda found in the Matanni Kingdom.

Source of Rk Veda

Does anyone know if the Rk veda can be sourced to the Cuneiform Tablets of the Assyrians?

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Consciousness, Kashmir Saivism, Vedanta, Direct Experience.

Dear Friends of Yoga;
Anyone who's been following this blog will notice how the flow of information moves one from the beginning stages of meditation to eventually become one with the All. Patanjali calls it Samprajnata Samadhi while other traditions have their own name for the same experience. Whatever the path, it will take a lot of work to learn how to be free of the dominating influence of the mind. The keen student of Self-realization will ever be on the lookout for yet another clue that sheds light on the path and hopefully will advance their practice and reward them with a glance of the elusive goal. Here then, is another timely comment from a long-time guide and teacher for those on the path: Swami Nityananda of Shanti Mandir gives us, from his talk in Australia, another piece of valuable information for use in chipping away at the dross dulling the light of Truth. He mentions Consciousness and the wide acceptance of the word in Western culture to denote the highest realization in a human. He talks about the importance of Vedanta coupled, in his case with Kashmir Saivism, while someone with a different religious affinity could benefit from Vedanta coupled with their religion. Vedanta's highest realization is without images and for virtually every human being it's impossible to visualize or imagine something without qualities identified with the senses. Religion provides those images and helps bring us to place where, when we appreciate our new experiences, we can let the images go and embrace the Truth of our Reality.
Seekers of the Truth will find finely honed instruction from the third great teacher in this Parampara, lineage,  Swami Nityananda.
More information:
+1 (845) 778 1008
 The writer of this blog appreciates the permission given to reprint this article here.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Timely Message for New Retirees

Ram Dass has historically had the right message for the time and he's done it again with this message for those of  us who suddenly find ourselves adrift in retirement. Suddenly our structured life comes to an end and we can seem to be at loss. Ram Dass offers some wisdom from the ancient teachings of Yoga filtered through a Western Psychologist's mind.
The short article in this link by Ram Dass being Ram Dass as he was in the 80's He always  seemed to have a message suited to the times(think retiring Baby Boomers) and he's done it again!   or here:

30Jan 2013

Giving Up Old Roles

One of the reasons that old age is so disconcerting to many people is that they feel as if they’re stripped of their roles. As we enter old age and face physical frailty, the departure of children, retirement, and the deaths of loved ones, we see the lights fading, the audience dwindles, and we are overwhelmed by a loss of purpose, and by the fear of not knowing how to behave or where we now fit in this play. The Ego, whose very sustenance has been the roles it played in the public eye, becomes irate, despairing, or numb, in the face of its own obsolescence. It may harken back to roles in its past to assert itself, but these strategies bring only more suffering as the Ego fights a losing battle.
As we learn to distinguish between our Egos — marked by our mind and thoughts — and the witness Soul — who’s not subject to them — we begin to see the opportunity that aging offers. We begin to separate who we are from the roles that we play, and to recognize why the Ego clings as it does to behaviors and images that no longer suit us. Stripped of its roles, the Ego is revealed as fiction. But for the person without a spiritual context, this is pure tragedy, for seekers of truth who are aware of the Soul, it is only the beginning.
Rather than wonder what new “role” we can invent for ourselves in the world then, the question that concerns us might be better put this way: How can we, as aging people, make our wisdom felt in the world? By embodying wisdom. We can find a happy balance between participation and retreat, remembering that while it is our duty to be of service if possible, it is also important that we prepare for our own journeys into death, through contemplation, quiet time, and deepening knowledge of ourselves.

— Ram Dass

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Guru's Teaching

A yoga practitioner is just like a bee. A bee will go from flower to flower and will suck the nectar wherever it is found. All the teachers are just like the flowers so the student can go from teacher to teacher and can extract more honey and more knowledge. ~ Babaji, Guru of Dr VS Rao from High-Tech Yoga Institute of America.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Search for THE TRUTH

Dear Friends in search of THE TRUTH:

The previous two articles describe the early experiences of meditators followed by the deeper experiences in the second Blue Pearl essay. Now in this piece we get a beautiful and accurate description of the final states experienced in deep meditation. Raja Yoga calls this the experience of nirvikalpa samadhi while another name is nirguna Brahman. So far as we know there is no higher experience available to humans transcending the mind. 
From the point of view of Raja Yoga, much continuous practice is required to achieve any of these states. Once the benefits have begun, then continued practice will bring the seeker after TRUTH to the place described here.

What is Egyptian 
By Sunnu Khepera Ankh (*) 

THIS IOK Public Monograph is a short essay will give some 
insight  into the meaning and practice of Egyptian 
Mysticism. As many already know, Egypt is not the 
original name for the country that is situated on the North East 
corner of the continent of Africa. This country, in ancient times 
(10,000BCE-450AD) was known by the original inhabitants as 
Kemet. Kemet is a term that means black land. The implication 
being that Kemet   is the land of undifferentiated consciousness.
This will be explained in more detail later in this 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Experiencing the Soul

In keeping with the theme of the last post, I include the following article describing yet another event indicating our progress during meditation. This one based on the teachings of the great Siddha Yogi, Swami Muktananda.
May all efforts in consciousness-raising lead to success!
Shanti, Shanti, Shantih!
Three calls for peace: physical,mental and spiritual. Logo

The Blue Pearl
a.k.a. Blue Dot, Blue Sphere, Blue Disk, Blue Angel, Blue Flash, Blue Trails
… the Blue Pearl [is] the subtlest covering of the individual soul....
When we see this tiny blue light in meditation,
we should understand that we are seeing the form of the inner Self.
To experience this is the goal of human life.
[The Blue Pearl] is tiny, but it contains all the different planes of existence.
- Swami Muktananda (1)
Several years ago in a cosmology class we were discussing the subject of lights in the head. Seeing light in the head is not new to meditators or people who are clairvoyant. People report seeing white lights and some report seeing blue lights. I’m in the group that sees the blue lights!
Once I could name the experience of seeing the blue light, I started to notice when it came. It would come of its own accord. One doesn't invoke it. The blue sphere appears both in my head and with my eyes open. Sometimes it will come when I’m meditating or working in a group situation like a healing gathering. Other times it will flash in my consciousness or field of vision for no seemingly apparent reason. One never knows when the Blue Dot will come or whether it will appear to be inside or outside the head.
Now that I’ve been working with it for some cycles, I see the Blue Dot as an affirmation of a truth and that something spiritually significant has happened, or that I’m on target with my thinking.
A few times when the Blue Dot has come up in conversation, I’ve discovered that other people also see it. Once when I was meditating about a person’s new business enterprise, the Blue Dot flashed. I thought it was a wonderful sign that she was blessed in her venture. When I told her about my experience, I learned that she too sees the blue sphere and has come to call it the Blue Angel.
The first place I discovered any in-depth discussion of the Blue Pearl is in the Siddha Yoga literature. Swami Muktananda (1908–1982), the great Indian saint who introduced Siddha Yoga practices and meditation techniques to the United Sates, gives a detailed description of the significance and of his experiences of the Blue Pearl. At one point he described how it expanded in front of him, engulfed him and carried him to other worlds. He was very clear that it was a good thing and a sign of awakened Kundalini. Muktananda referred to the Blue Pearl as a physical manifestation of the soul. He said that seeing it in meditation is like seeing the soul.

"Death" is simply the name we give to the
departure of the Blue Pearl from the body.
In his book Does Death Really Exist? Muktananda says,
The blue dot, which we call the Blue Pearl, dwells in the sahasrara,the spiritual center in the crown of the head. It is the body of the Self. All consciousness is contained in it. All of the dynamism of the breathing process comes from the Blue Pearl. When that light enters the body, the rhythm of breathing begins. When it departs from the body, consciousness departs from the bloodstream, the nerves and the lungs, leaving everything limp and lifeless. "Death" is simply the name we give to the departure of the Blue Pearl from the body. (2)
The book goes on to say that one can see the Blue Dot leave the body at death, and where it exits, according to scriptures, indicates the state of the person's experience. If the soul leaves through the eyes, one has been very virtuous.
The Tibetan master Djwhal Khul, speaking through Alice A. Bailey’s volumes on the ageless wisdom teachings, also makes reference to the “Blue Disk” infour specific places ~ each time in the context of a meditation visualization exercise.
Within the darkness of the soul, prisoned within the form, a point of light is seen. Then there arises, all around that point, a field of deepest blue and this becomes irradiated by the soul, the inner sun, shining within a brilliant field of blue. The points of light become the many lines or rays of light; these lines then merge and blend until the lighted Way appears. One is the light, the light upon the Way. One is the Way and always walks thereon.(3)         
D.K. tells us about the point of dark blue, or a small indigo disk, which appears: “This is, in reality, the exit in the head through which the soul passes out of the world of phenomenal existence, and it is the symbol of the path or the door into the kingdom of God.“ (4)
Celebrated thirteenth century Indian Mystic-Poet-Yogi Jnaneshwar Maharaj(1271–1293) says the Blue Color is a great and holy pilgrimage center. "This radiant and scintillating and sublime Blue Color can be seen directly in meditation. If we want to see such a great and wonderful thing, our way of life and our habits must be the purest and the most holy. Then only we become worthy of it. Our association, our words, and our thoughts should be full of God. He who has seen the Blue Color is the most blessed of all human beings."

Carl Sagan refers to the earth as the Pale Blue Dot in his book of the same name. From space, astronauts are awed by the sight of the earth, a blue pearl hovering against the blackness of the universe.
When you look at the Earth from space it looks like a beautiful blue dot, which is rather interesting if you consider the correlation of the Blue Pearl representing the Self and the Earth also.

Since we put up the Blue Pearl pages in March 2004, we’ve received lots of emails from people all over the world who have seen and experienced some form of lights around them. Whether they are in your head or seen floating above or around you, or come at a significant time in your experience, what we’ve learned is that seeing these lights is a phenomenon shared by many. As a result of these emails, we’ve been inspired to further investigate the Blue Dot. It’s amazing how influential blue is in our world!
Blue Dottie

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