Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Consciousness, Kashmir Saivism, Vedanta, Direct Experience.

Dear Friends of Yoga;
Anyone who's been following this blog will notice how the flow of information moves one from the beginning stages of meditation to eventually become one with the All. Patanjali calls it Samprajnata Samadhi while other traditions have their own name for the same experience. Whatever the path, it will take a lot of work to learn how to be free of the dominating influence of the mind. The keen student of Self-realization will ever be on the lookout for yet another clue that sheds light on the path and hopefully will advance their practice and reward them with a glance of the elusive goal. Here then, is another timely comment from a long-time guide and teacher for those on the path: Swami Nityananda of Shanti Mandir gives us, from his talk in Australia, another piece of valuable information for use in chipping away at the dross dulling the light of Truth. He mentions Consciousness and the wide acceptance of the word in Western culture to denote the highest realization in a human. He talks about the importance of Vedanta coupled, in his case with Kashmir Saivism, while someone with a different religious affinity could benefit from Vedanta coupled with their religion. Vedanta's highest realization is without images and for virtually every human being it's impossible to visualize or imagine something without qualities identified with the senses. Religion provides those images and helps bring us to place where, when we appreciate our new experiences, we can let the images go and embrace the Truth of our Reality.
Seekers of the Truth will find finely honed instruction from the third great teacher in this Parampara, lineage,  Swami Nityananda.
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