Sunday, September 25, 2011

Search for THE TRUTH

Dear Friends in search of THE TRUTH:

The previous two articles describe the early experiences of meditators followed by the deeper experiences in the second Blue Pearl essay. Now in this piece we get a beautiful and accurate description of the final states experienced in deep meditation. Raja Yoga calls this the experience of nirvikalpa samadhi while another name is nirguna Brahman. So far as we know there is no higher experience available to humans transcending the mind. 
From the point of view of Raja Yoga, much continuous practice is required to achieve any of these states. Once the benefits have begun, then continued practice will bring the seeker after TRUTH to the place described here.

What is Egyptian 
By Sunnu Khepera Ankh (*) 

THIS IOK Public Monograph is a short essay will give some 
insight  into the meaning and practice of Egyptian 
Mysticism. As many already know, Egypt is not the 
original name for the country that is situated on the North East 
corner of the continent of Africa. This country, in ancient times 
(10,000BCE-450AD) was known by the original inhabitants as 
Kemet. Kemet is a term that means black land. The implication 
being that Kemet   is the land of undifferentiated consciousness.
This will be explained in more detail later in this 

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